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Kristen Walker


Kristen's yoga classes combine the precision and depth of Iyengar-style yoga, with natural posture, Balance. Kindness, a bit of humor, and trust in the healing intelligence inherent in every body, are her intentions as she approaches each student. Kristen has been teaching yoga and posture since 1999. She is a graduate of the Advanced Studies Program at The Yoga Room in Berkeley, CA, a yoga teacher-training in the Iyengar tradition. She is also a certified Balance teacher. She completed the Balance Teacher Training with Jean Couch, at The Balance Center in Palo Alto, CA. Recently she enjoyed taking the Gokhale Method Foundations Course with Abeja at Studio SoBo; the Gokhale Method is based on the same research as Balance. Both are based on research since 1959, in populations from around the world in which adults maintain their natural posture and rarely suffer from back or joint pain.  All of us until the age of three, regardless of our race or culture, are in natural posture—i.e. we are in “Balance,” as Jean Couch terms it, or in “Primal Posture,” as Esther Gokhale terms it. Those of us in industrialized populations tend to alter our natural posture early in life, which has created an epidemic of back and joint pain. The Parisian Noelle Perez deserves credit for doing the original research; presently she is in her 80's and still in beautiful posture! Balance realigns our skeleton with gravity, heals or prevents back/joint pain, and enables an elegant posture in every stage of life. In combination, yoga and Balance support us in knowing home—a sense of belonging, love and relaxation—inside our own skin. Kristen can be reached via

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