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Brenda Smith

Sensei Brenda Smith has been practicing traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu karate for over 20 years. Brenda is a Yondan or 4th degree Black belt and is the highest ranked U.S. women in the SKKA. She has competed and won in both kata (karate) and kabudo (weapons) against men and women. Brenda loves working with children and adults. The children's class gives more life and energy to a dojo and the adult's class add focus and composure, but all classes have a mixture. 

She has been extreemly lucky to train and continues to train under Hanshi Eihachi Ota 10th Dan. Master Ota is head of SKKA and teaches worldwide. He was inducted into the Okinawan Karate Hall of Fame this past year. Brenda's students attended Sensei Ota's last seminar and she hopes to have him in Anderson Valley for a seminar in the future.

Contact Brenda at 489-6053 for more information.

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