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Aurelia is a wellness coach, she is certified Yoga Alliance Breathwork coach, Biofield tuning-Sound Coherence practitioner, and owns a Eco hair studio downtown Boonville. She is from Europe, speaks french fluently and has two children. Her passion for dance came from her parents, she was taught dance as a young child by her mother who was a jazz dancer and later performed dance and theatre on stage until her mid-twenties Ten years ago, she experienced the stress and anxiety relief from going to Ecstatic dance and the healing that occurs when the body isn't restricted in its dance movement and decided that she wanted to host her own.The music playlist is made of world music and she offers a sound healing as a dance class closure. It is a safe environment, free of shoes and alcohol. Words can be exchanged outside.wear comfortable clothes. Third Saturdays from 5-6:30pm. Hope to see you on the dance floor very soon.

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