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What Studio SoBo Offers...

Very Gentle Yoga & Yoga Basics


Jeanne has been practicing yoga seriously since 2010. Her first yoga instructor was Melissa Meader at the Grange in Philo, who inspired Jeanne to go deeper into her yoga practice and study. She completed her 250 hour basic teacher training in June 2015 with Mary Paffard and Cyd Bernstein at Studio SoBo in Boonville. Jeanne’s classes are rooted in the Hatha Yoga system, emphasizing bringing the body into balance through pranayama (breath practice), asana (poses) and vinyasa (movement through the

Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga

Kira Brennan Kira been a RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher for over 15 years. Her practice and teaching, based in the Hatha tradition, is gentle in approach. She believes in each practitioners potential to connect into our own body's inner voice, learning to listen to our unique needs, and to deeply nourish the nervous system, and our precious joints.  ​ Inspired by Vispassana meditation, and our beautiful surroundings, Kira's classes encourages a quieting of the busy mind, 'Metta', a loving kindnes

Kristen Walker


Kristen’s yoga classes incorporate the precision of Iyengar-style yoga and natural posture, Balance. Her classes offer plenty of strength-building, alignment tips, and restorative moments; while encouraging each student to know home—belonging, love, relaxation—inside his/ her own skin.

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Tuesday Tune-up

Hamstrings & Hips Workshop

Mary's yoga practice and teachings are influenced by her commitment to vipassana meditation and the desire to unearth the inner guru in herself and her students.

Tiny Tigers Karate

Kids Karate

Adult Karate

Brenda loves working with children and adults. The children's class gives more life and energy to a dojo and the adult's class add focus and composure, but all classes have a mixture. 


The Gokhale Method is a system of healthy posture and movement to help restore your structural integrity, so you can live an active and pain-free life. You will learn how to comfortably alter the way you stand, sit, and move, to heal from pain and return to a posture that builds strength and resilience, and minimizes compression, tension, and degeneration.

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