Eden Kellner 

Eden is a 20 year student of Yoga ands been teaching on and off for the last 17 years.. She began studying and teaching in NYC where she was raised and lived until 12 years ago. She the great fortune to study with Dharma Mittra, Jasmine Tarkeshi, Elena Brower, T.K/S.V. Desekachar, Leslie Karminoff and many more. She came out to California to reconnect with the natural world and engage in a more Earth based practice. Since moving here her studies have included Anatomy, Ayurveda, Animal Tracking and Primitive Skills. These practices along with her Yoga practice continuously awaken her to the infallible connection to all things.

If you come to share the yoga practice with Eden, you can expect an educated practice combing Asana, Pranayama, Mantra and Philosophy. There may be music playing and poetry read as well. Eden invites you to come and enter your rhythm and let the water, fire, air and Earth move within the space in you.